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Beijing  Xinmei International Exhibition Co.,Ltd  is consisted by professionals with many years of experience in international exhibition. Our main business is the promotion of international exhibition, exhibition consultation, and overseas business visits etc.We provide turnkey solutions for domestic enterprises to develop international markets and promote foreign trade. Since the establishment of the company we have devoted ourselves to offer the best services for domestic enterprises with accurate and unique market analysis.


  Since its inception we have been to Germany, the United States, Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, the Middle East, Russia, South Africa, Singapore and other countries and regions. We have established solid cooperative agent relationships with many international exhibition organizers thus expanding trade and cooperation channels for enterprises to enter the international market as a result.


  Beijing Xinmei International Exhibition Co., Ltd adheres to the direction of professionalism, internationalism and brand development and unites exhibition services, market research and information as one. We provide one-stop services for exhibitors such as booth reservation, stand construction, exhibits transportation, business visits, visa assistance and so on. At the same time we assist enterprises in applying for the SME international marketing fund in an effort to reduce costs for enterprises to participate in international exhibitions.


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